Bangor Goes Solar: Insource Renewables Begin Panel Installations

Published: Aug. 15, 2017 at 7:23 PM EDT
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Bangor is going solar.

Insource Renewables is in the process of installing solar panels on the homes of several residents in the Greater Bangor area.

We tagged along.

Soon, many homes in this Bangor neighborhood will be relying on the sun for their electricity.

"Of the Greater Bangor Solarize Program, we have 12 under contract."

Yvette Meunier of Insource Renewables is overseeing a solar panel installation at this Virginia Lane home.

"I definitely think there's an uptick in people being interested in solar."

For homeowner Jane Poulin, going solar is nothing new.

"Three or four years ago we had Insource Renewables do the ones you see on the front."

Her first experience started with the family's hot water heater.

"We've never had any trouble with the ones on the front. We haven't had to have them come back for any reason."

Now, she's back for more.

"You're paying upfront now, but eventually it's going to pay off and then will have essentially free electricity."

"This is one of 47 panels that will be installed. Now, an average system costs around $15,000, with a typical payback of 8 to 12 years. An investment the Poulin family says is worth it."

"People are excited about solar. It's a good investment for you and your family and for the environment."

Solar panels from Insource Renewables have a 25 year warranty.

And for Emera customers, staff say there is a quicker payback period because electricity is more expensive than CMP.

"If the payback is 12 years, anything after those 12 years, that's just icing on the cake."

"These are local Maine jobs that you're supporting. This is giving you energy independence. It's allowing you to lock in your energy costs, help you plan for the future and it's a green thing to do."

The solar panel installation will be completed Thursday.

Their next stop is Orono. Insource Renewables will be holding solar tours and open houses during installation projects.

It's all part of the Greater Bangor Solarize initiative.

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