Bangor Girl Scout Troop uses cookie money for good cause

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Girl Scouts have been out and about selling their cookies all over town.

But one troop is using their cookie money to purchase a playground and buddy bench for their school.

Troop 850 is a group of first and second graders from Fruit Street School in Bangor.

Buddy benches are designed to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground, spreading a message of inclusion and kindness.

Girl Scout Gwyneth says, "So, if somebody has nobody to play with, they sit on that bench and somebody comes to ask them if they want to play with them."

Sarah Quirk, Co-Troop Leader says, "They're first graders and second graders now, and so it's great that they are thinking of others at this young age already."

If you still haven't gotten those boxes of thin mints or peanut butter patties, the troop is still selling.

They'll be at the Bangor Market Bazaar on March 23rd.