Bangor Drive-In opens for the season

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HERMON, Maine(WABI)- Popcorn and soda are just a few perks to watching a movie under the stars.

The Bangor drive-in opening up this weekend.

Families lined up their cars, brought snacks, and enjoyed this classic tradition.

With temperatures warming, organizers say it's the perfect time to get outside and see the many movies the drive-in offers.

"We have a lot of people that remember coming as kids, now they're bringing their kids," says Chester Veilleux, the general manager. "So it just kind of has that old school feel to it, I guess, would be the way to put it? It's a movie, but it's an adventure too, you know? We've got a lot of goodies at the concessions, so, you know, you bring the whole family, you get some snacks, and it's almost like camping, slash, a picnic- with a movie."

The drive-in will be open on weekends for the season.