Bangor City Councilors discuss new jail proposal alongside commissioners

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - We are learning more about what a new Penobscot County Jail could look like.

Officials want to build the proposed facility where the old Bangor YMCA once was near Hammond Street.

The proposed building would house 250 inmates, about 100 more than the jail currently allows.

The expected cost is around 65 million dollars.

Dan Tremble, Bangor City Councilor, said, "The City of Bangor pays about 24% of the county budget, so it'll have an impact on Bangor taxpayers."

Peter Baldacci, Penobscot County Commissioner, said, "This is the best we can do. There’s no denying that it's not inexpensive to do, but I feel this is the best we've come up with."

The proposed facility would also have space dedicated for treatment services. Bangor City Councilors need to approve a zoning change before a statewide vote for reasons such as size. Design plans include a 7 story building.

If that all goes through, they hope to have a referendum in June where you can vote on the matter.