Bangor Chamber of Commerce holds "Hot Stove" event

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce held its second "Hot Stove" session of the year Saturday morning.

This session brought together a record number of state, local, and federal officials who gathered with business and community members to discuss a number of topics.

Topics included tackling the opioid crisis, pay equality, and extending internet availability in rural Maine.

Organizers say these events help keep the public aware of what is happening in their local communities as well as what is taking place in Augusta during the legislative session.

"Everybody is very interested in the budget that was just released. The legislators are still trying to absorb it. One of the legislators actually brought with her a copy of the budget which is about this thick so, I am sure that by the end of the session we'll all have it memorized. So, there is a lot conversation about that and a lot of conversation about legislative priorities in Augusta and how that impacts our region and our business community," said Deb Neuman, President of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce.

Their next "Hot Stove" event will take place in March.

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