Bangor Boy is The Price is Right's Biggest Fan

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - For many, the long running daytime game show "The Price is Right" has a special place in their hearts.

Others may call themselves REALLY big fans, and then there's 7-year-old Jackson Woodworth of Bangor.

We caught up with him Tuesday afternoon.

Jackson Woodworth loves "The Price is Right."

"It's a game show and it has six different games other than contestant's row, big wheel and the showcase," he explained.

He's been watching since he was 2. Now 7, the kid knows his stuff.

His home and yard are filled with his own pricing games. Plinko, Punch-a-Bunch, Cliffhanger to name a few.

Jackson appreciates the show's past, but he really enjoys the new version.

"Most people like Bob Barker more since he's been on longer, but we are still learning about Drew Carey," he said, "Since I haven't been born with Bob Barker, I pretty much like Drew Carey better. He's hilarious. He's a comedian and he's just wonderful."

Over the years, he's been perfecting his pricing.

"I've been to "The Price is Right Live" twice and once I got the showcase exactly right."

Waiting for that magical moment when he hears the call.

"Jackson Woodworth come on down, you're the next contestant on The Price is Right," he exclaimed in his best announcer voice.

He knows that won't come easy.

"There is a one out of every seat in the audience, so there's really good odds coming against me, but if I work hard enough and get to California, I think I probably could," said the young expert.

Jackson says a lot times contestants are overcome with emotion when they finally get up there.

He fears he would be no different.

"Oh yeah. I would probably scream my mouth out so that I couldn't scream again."