Bangor based MEDEVAC Company set to deploy to Southwest Asia

Published: Apr. 19, 2018 at 6:42 PM EDT
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Governor LePage said, "Maine has always been willing to join the battle to protect the freedom of our country, from the birth of our country, to the Global War Terror. Mainers have been there willing to serve."

Specialist Peter Gorczok, said, "We all raised our right hand to join this and we all knew this would happen one day."

A Sendoff Ceremony took place in Bangor recognizing Company G 126th MEDEVAC Unit, soon to be stationed in Afghanistan.

The unit has deployed numerous times over the past decade to places including Germany, Kuwait, and Iraq.

Major William Bradbury said, 'Our mission is to provide medical care to wounded and sick soldiers out on the battlefield."

With months of planning and preparation, soldiers say they are more than equipped to begin this mission.

Joshua Hesseltine, Chief Warrant Officer said, "It takes a lot of preparation-flying hundreds of hours of training as much as we can. We are ready for this and are well trained. Great equipment. We are ready to do this."

"Well we've trained and then we've trained some more. It’s nonstop but, I have a really good leadership group going over there and I plan to learn as much as I can from them." said, Tatjana Ramos, a Flight Medic.

For soldiers going through a first time deployment, the hardest challenge is leaving their loved ones behind.

But, knowing they have a family that supports them is just as valuable.

Hesseltine said, "They’re my biggest support group. I couldn't thank them enough for allowing me to do what if do. it makes it a lot easier knowing they support me."

"I feel ready so, that calms the nerves a lot and our family is there to support us back home but, we also have a family overseas" said, Ramos.

"All right 126, you're trained for this mission, ready for this mission. It’s an important one- understand we will be standing right here to receive you home from this mission" said COL. Dean Preston.

LePage said, "It is our solemn duty to keep those who wear our nation's uniform in our thoughts in our hearts and in our prayers. God bless our troops, our families, our country and the great State of Maine. Do us well."