Bangor Bakery Under New Ownership, But Stays In The Family

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Bangor, Maine (WABI) - About the time World War Two ended in 1945 a Bangor landmark opened up.

Frank Soucy opened up Frank's Bakery on Hancock Street, then in 1947 they moved to their location on State Street.

7 decades later Frank's Great Grandson Brett Soucy bought the business from his family members in July.

The 45 year old Soucy had a part time job as a kid at Frank's and grew up just a scones throw away and now he is ready to continue with the family business.

And he has no intentions of fixing what isn't broken.

"Change can be hard for people for sure, I'm already hearing some whispering 'What's going to happen? What's going to happen at Frank's?' Our opinion is really there's not going to be an noticeable changes in the beginning. Currently we're just trying to paint the walls and maybe put some signage up and that sort of thing," said Brett Soucy. "We're excited to just kind of maintain business as is. Down the road there may be a few things, hoping to stay open a little later, add a couple of other items to the menu."

Soucy and his wife Shelby officially took over the business July 17th, and they hope to move their cake decorating business next door which will allow for more seating inside.