Bangor-Area Wedding Party Stranded in Sint Maarten Due to Irma

HOLDEN, Maine (WABI) As Florida braces for Hurricane Irma, folks in the Caribbean are still stranded in their homes and resorts, including a Bangor area wedding party.

A group of 20 Maine wedding guests have been stranded at their resort on St. Maarten since Tuesday due to Hurricane Irma.

Today, they found out the women at the resort will be flown off the island tomorrow.

Ben Beaulieu of Bangor and his wife were in the wedding party.

Ben's parents says they're trying to stay as positive as they can.

"At this point they have no bathroom facilities. They're running low on food and water and they're working hard to shore up the building they're in now to get through this next hurricane should they still be there. The major issue right now should they have to stay there is there are armed looters on the island, and so they've got some security there, but they were advised to board up their building where they are tonight, to make sure the armed looters can't get in," says Ben's father, Tim.

Officials are working to get everyone evacuated.