Bangor Area Homeschool Players are auditioning for two shows

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HERMON, Maine (WABI) - The Bangor Area Homeschool Players are holding auditions for two shows this fall and winter.

Children of all ages are encouraged to try out.

"I love that we're able to provide this opportunity because sometimes schools, public schools and private schools are too busy with their own children which totally makes sense. But just to have another outlet and just have another place in the community where people can come and just kind of delve into theater, I love that," said the director Danielle Hines.

The Players will be performing Robin Hood in the fall and Beauty and the Beast in the Winter.

"My mom said that there's this play thing going on and I said I wish I could be part of it. And she said it was a Robin Hood one and I like Robin Hood, and I have a book of it and I've read it 15 times," said 11-year-old Dylan Hodgdon.

The Homeschool Players give a chance for kids to make friends, and perform an activity outside of school.

"I just really like being around kids who are homeschoolers like me so they have the free schedules that I do so that I can have play dates with them," said 13-year-old Delainy Gillis.

"I was raised as a homeschooler and I always loved theater. I loved going I watched my friends in shows and I had so much fun watching that. But there weren't a lot of opportunities for me so I'm just thrilled to provide this as an outlet for kids because I can only imagine myself as a young child. I just would've been all over this so I love seeing kids come and really give their best," said Hines.

Auditions are continuing Tuesday at Hermon Baptist Church from 5:30 until 8.