Back end business: Tirdy Works

SOMERVILLE, ME (WABI) - Since we last spoke with Mary Winchenbach, her life has changed.

Back in September, Mary was just an arts and crafts peddler with a bunch of moose turds, a sense of humor, and a dream.

Now, well... she's still all that, but, the word about these turds is out.

"It's unbelievable how many people get a kick out of these turds," said Winchenbach.

She owns Tirdy Works. We first saw Mary in action selling at the Common Ground Fair. We visited her Somerville home for a story which was picked up by news outlets across the globe and seen by tens of millions of people. She says it changed everything.

"Things have just taken off," she said. "Each day it seems to get more and more taking off. Orders are coming in from all over the world. We are shipping turds to Russia, Denmark, Switzerland."

When we first met, she was working two jobs and making crafts in her free time. Now...

"I quit. There's absolutely no way I could get this done with working full-time. I couldn't do it," she said. "Average 14 or 16 hours a day. That's no kidding. Just to keep up with everything? Just to keep up. And we're still not keeping up, we are still behind. We have a back order list for most of our products, particularly the Poopoo clocks."

She talked about shipping all her orders each day. "The lady at the post office is working with us. I'll take them down then she rings them through on her lunch break. She's really good."

We asked how many she's sending out a day.

"I would say about 100 to 150. And before it all blew up, none. None. You know, I never really advertised, and we just started this when the Common Ground Fair picked up. So, the ^%$#%$ has hit the fan."

In order for it to hit the fan, you need the product.

"I had two, 55 gallon buckets of turds back then, and now I'm down to less than a five gallon bucket," she said.

Adding, "We've been going out on Sundays and doing turd collection procedures, and I'm looking into some friends maybe having some turds shipped here from Alaska. Good looking turds, too."

It doesn't stop with the new offerings from Alaska.

"But the other day ,oh my God, we were going through the woods looking for turds, and we found a whole bunch," she said. "The mother load of porcupine turds."

"They are just the cutest little things and stuff, and I have this huge stash of them out in the woods. I know just where it is. We are thinking about doing a limited addition Poopoo clock with porcupine turds all around it but we've got to get a silhouette of a porcupine to put in the middle of the clock," said Mary.

"We are working on stool samples which is a little wooden stool with a turd on it."

Finally, her hope this holiday season.

"My motto for this year is, I hope everyone can give a %$%#% for Christmas cause we got them here. Real good ones."