Calling all aviation lovers: Bangor plane spotter group wants you to join them

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Do you have any interest in aviation? How about watching planes? We'll you're in luck! There's a group in Bangor that's all about aviation.

We caught up with the Bangor Plane Spotters at BIA as they welcomed some new faces to their group.

These aviation lovers are on the lookout for all kinds of planes and they even take pictures of them too.

One member says there's just something about seeing them take off and land.

Anthony DelMonaco, Bangor Plane Spotter, said, "There's a lot of unique planes that come in and out. Different things like there might be a small plane, but it might be one of three in the world or something like that. You get a variety of things that you wouldn't see elsewhere."

The group has been around for a few years and they're hoping more people will get involved.

For more information, you can contact Bangor International Airport on their Facebook page.