Augusta's First Motorized Fire Truck to be Centerpiece of Local Fire Museum

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Augusta's first ever motorized fire truck was made in 1917.

The 100-year-old White-Kress fire truck returned to the city years ago as a donation by a Vermont family.

The truck still runs. It will be the centerpiece of the city's renovated fire headquarters.

The plan is to set it in the lobby as part of a local fire museum.

"We transitioned to horse-pulled fire equipment to this piece of equipment, and just to know that it's our first motorized piece of equipment, we're very excited to have it. It will be a great permanent display for downtown Augusta," said Augusta Fire Chief Roger Audette.

Construction crews are expected to complete concrete work on the station expansion next week and will then move on to installing the steel structure at the end of this month.

The headquarters is expected to be completed in June of 2018.