Augusta man found guilty of manslaughter wants new trial

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - An Augusta man found guilty of manslaughter last year was back in court Wednesday.

56-year-old Andrew Bilodeau wants a new trial.

He was found guilty in December of striking and killing a man in a crosswalk.

Police say 81-year-old Emile Morin was hit while crossing Northern Avenue in Augusta in November 2017.

Bilodeau testified that he saw something in the road and swerved, instead of stopping and thought something hit his car.

The state says it was reckless for Bilodeau to swerve and hit Morin, and that it was his responsibility to bring his vehicle to a stop.

We spoke with Emile Morin's daughter today for the first time.

She says the family is looking for justice for her dad.

"It's been a year and a half and the the family needs closure, and that's hard to get when this drags on. So, we're hoping for a quick decision," explained Caryn Murphy.

It's not known when the judge will make a decision on the new trial request.