As we deal with another snowstorm, Spring is on the way

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Despite all the snow, the first official day of Spring is a week away.

And that has some businesses planting, and people planning to work their gardens...

"I think people are starting to get, in spite of the recent weather, folks are ready," said Tracy Willette the Bangor Parks & Rec Director

"I think we're all dying for a little bit of dirt," added Melissa Higgins of Sprague's Nursery. "We just want the snow gone at this point, even green grass is great. We're all anxious to get planting for sure."

Unless you have a greenhouse, the planting season is still a couple of months away, but to make sure your garden is ready, crews at Sprague's Nursery in Bangor have their green thumb nearly in mid-season form.

"We started planting about a week and a half ago," said Higgins. "So regardless of what's going on outside, we always start our planting at the same time. For us, Spring generally starts at the same time every year, so we kind of go by that."

In 2010, the City of Bangor put in a couple of dozen raised beds for people to grow vegetables in at an unused property off Essex Street. Now 8 years later, there are 170 beds to rent for just 20 dollars for the season.

"I think we'll sell most of them out for this coming year," said Willette. "We still have some room to expand if we need to."

While snow lovers are excited about the recent run of storms, others are finding a way to breathe in the smell of soil.

"I work up in the office and I come down here on my breaks and as you can see, it's full of dirt," said Higgins. "It smells like spring to us, it's warm, the heaters are going, it feels kind of like we're in a tropical getaway down here."

Bangor is taking rentals of the beds now to find out more you can visit their website, and Sprague's is planning to open for the season Monday April 2nd.