Arts and Cultural sector leaders meet with the state to discuss Maine's pandemic recovery

Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 4:23 PM EDT
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Leaders from Maine's arts and cultural sectors met with Commissioner Heather Johnson of the Department of Economic and Community Development today to discuss how they can help Maine's recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The group told Commissioner Johnson that while the sector does have needs, they feel they're also part of a solution to help the state bounce back both economically and socially.

Johnson took questions from representatives from all over the state, including as far north as Madawaska.

Johnson said Department of Economic and Community Development worked hard to put an economic plan together last year that all communities could plug into, and even though things have been disrupted by the pandemic, good economic development still starts at the local level.

"Structurally from an economic perspective, innovation, diversification, community strength and resilience are still key elements of how we reward, and how we diversify our economy in a way that creates these strong communities," Johnson said.

Johnson added that having strong and diverse cultural assets are what draw both visitors and a strong workforce to the state.

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