Art school in Midcoast Maine attracts students and educators from around the country

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ROCKPORT, Maine (WABI) - Places like Los Angeles and New York City often come to mind when thinking of media industries like filmmaking.

But there's a creative hub right here in Maine where artists have come to hone their skills since 1973.

Maine Media Workshops and College sits on a small campus in Rockport.

Elizabeth Greenberg is the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
"We inspire and educate artists and storytellers in the mediums of photography, filmmaking, book arts, writing...we have travel classes, we have programming for youth."

As the name suggests, students can participate in individual workshops or take a series of courses and work toward a degree.

"Our classes are small, so it's a lot of mentor driven philosophy. We're working in small groups one on one learning from each other"

Madeline Morlet is a photography instructor at the school. "I often leave teaching a class feeling really inspired by the work that I see my students make."

"This is the young advanced photography class. We work usually towards presenting our work at the Friday night show."

"We have five pictures for the Friday night show, so I'm trying to choose five pictures from the 2000 that I have." says Alec Manousos, a student in the class. He shows a picture of a dog. "This is Sailor. He's our class mascot."

Tom Ryan is a former student who now works at Maine Media in the film program.

"We have a great directing program. We had Allan Coulter here last week teaching a directing masterclass. He did Sopranos, House of Cards."

He says there's nothing quite like having creative people gather from all over.

"It's a tremendous place to be. There's an energy here that I've never really felt much of anywhere else."

Maine Media has programs nearly year round. You can find out more at Maine Media dot E-D-U.

"Whether you want to come for one week or two days, or if you want to come for an entire 30 week program, it's something I highly recommend."