Aroostook County folks gear up for a lengthy hike to honor the states fallen heroes

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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - People in Aroostook County are gearing up for a more than 100 mile hike through Maine woods to honor our state's fallen heroes.

The Wilderness Walk for Warriors hike is an annual event and every year the founder does a different theme to honor all the lives lost.

It's an eight panel wall that will soon be assembled on top of Maine's highest mountain.

"We strap each section to our packs with everything we need for ten days and we're going to carry this wall through the 100 mile wilderness through A ball to Katahdin stream and up to Mt Katahdin."

Chris Robinson is the Wilderness Walk for Warriors founder and director. This is the sixth year they've done this hike.

"Every year, this is our sixth year, we have a different theme every year and I'm charged with coming up with a theme for the hike every year. Last year we did honor rocks and so that was limited in scope in how many people we could honor so I had to come up with or I wanted to come up with a way to honor more people so I came up with the idea of doing a mobile memorial wall" said Robinson.

206 names are carved onto the eight panels.

"There's a 116 Maine deceased service members post 9/11 and the 86 additional names are from the Maine law enforcement memorial," Robinson explained.

The wilderness walk for warrior's motto is to assist the living and honor the deceased.

"It's important to keep their names alive and the more people say their names, see their names, and relate to who they were and their story and I think that's very important to keep their legacy and their name alive," said Robinson.

The hike is over the course of 10 days, it includes 13 mountains and is 120 miles long. But Robinson says he and the other hikers will do it with pride as they carrier the names of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.