Army Veteran hiking and biking across country to raise awareness for PTSD

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - An Army Veteran is currently on a world record trek to raise awareness for PTSD.

Eli Smith is covering 42 states in over three years, biking and hiking to all four corners of America.

He decided to embark on this journey in honor of veterans that have lost the battle with PTSD.

He started his journey in 2016 and now is on his way to Lubec, the easternmost point in the country.

"The goal is to just raise awareness. To let the local communities know what they can do for their veterans and help out and I often tell people at the end of my Facebook lives is to call a vet, text a vet. You never know who needs that, don't just assume everyone's okay. Even though they say they are okay because we all have our own things we deal with."

Eli will end his trek in October in Florida having biked and hiked more than 16-thousand miles.