Are You Considering A Pet For Christmas

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Christmas lists for kids may include a pet, like a dog or a cat this year.

Doctor John Benson of Broadway Veterinary Clinic in Bangor says a pet can make a good present, but it may not be good to get that animal during all of the excitement of christmas morning.

Going to a new home is stressful for the animal, and for the family, and the idea is to make the process of adding a furry family member as easy a transition as possible.

"They're already under stress from coming into a new home even an animal that seems happy and cheerful and all but is still under stress," said Dr. Benson. "Also young kids are excited and you want to try to make introductions between new pets and young children fairly quiet and again as low stress for the pets as possible."

Doctor Benson suggests taking a photo of the pet and give that as a gift under the tree, then pick the animal up at a later date.

Or get a pet in your home before Christmas so it can get used to the surroundings.

If you do get a pet, he says to make sure you get it in to see your vet in the first few days.