Annual Millinocket Marathon and Half underway

MILLINOCKET, Maine. (WABI)- "All these people and all this energy in Millinocket is a great thing."

Over twenty-five hundred people gathered in northern Penobscot County for the annual Millinocket Marathon and Half Marathon.

"I know we have people from forty states, six different countries abroad, all over the country and it's great and it's not that warm out but people feel warm inside for what we are doing so it's great."

The race is free admission but that doesn't stop folks from giving back to the town.

"At this point, we have raised of twenty-five-thousand-dollars for Katahdin and the Millinocket Memorial Library. We have also raised thousands and thousands of dollars for heating assistance, food donations, toy donations, all kinds of things."

This is the fourth year Millinocket has hosted this race and each year it gets bigger and better.

"It's amazing just one small town and just a bunch of people getting together, one random day we said lets run a marathon and to see what it has come four years later, it's great."

Not only was there a marathon and a half marathon but a kids race, pictures with Santa, vendors and much more.

The race also boosts Millinocket's economy in the winter.

"We have done some number crunching and we feel like this is probably generating over a quarter of a million dollars into the local economy just in direct spending."

"This race is about giving back to the community and it's not what you get, it's about what you can give and I think as a runner you actually get more then you give out of it just by helping people out and building up the spirit of a town."

Some say it isn't even about racing at all.

"Everybody is here for the same reason and that is to help support a small town in Maine. Born and raised in a small town and that is just how life is. You can't survive without helping other people so that is just what you do."