American Red Cross launches 'Missing Types' campaign

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The American Red Cross has launched a new campaign dubbed 'missing types'...

The campaign features the missing letters O, B, and A.

It symbolizes the impact when those blood types are missing that lives can be endangered.

The Red Cross stresses every donor matters and donating is easy...

Tom Hinman of the Red Cross says "So what we need folks to recognize is oh I can take an hour I can go to type in my zip code. Find the most convenient blood drive for myself and go and donate."

The Bangor Blood Donor Center on Hammond Street will be open June 12th from 11 to 6 and Sea Dog Brewing Company in Bangor will host a blood drive from 1 to 6 p-m.

Donors at Sea Dog will get a 5-dollar certificate for food.