Alcohol Seller, Server Training: Bangor passes new city-wide ordinance

Published: Apr. 23, 2018 at 7:42 PM EDT
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Several bars and convenience stores in Bangor sold liquor to minors. That's what Bangor Police say they found in an undercover operation.

In Maine, you're not required as a server or seller of alcohol to have any training about state laws.

But officials say a new city ordinance could help to reduce these violations.

Bangor City Council passed an ordinance requiring sellers and servers of alcohol to undergo proper training.

"Really a preventative measure in the community."

The timing couldn't be better as the Bangor Police Department just issued nearly 70 citations for alcohol-related incidents.

"In the last month, our special enforcement team conducted several undercover operations at local bars and convenience stores in Bangor."

"We did hit a number of convenience stores and seven of the convenient stores all sold to minors."

"Of all the bars we visited, six of them allowed a minor to enter the business and then sold the minor alcohol. We also had staff over-serving visibly intoxicated people."

"Part of that is a training gap and a skills gap."

Robin Carr works for Bangor's Public Health and Community Services Department and provides on site training for alcohol servers and sellers.

"The reason why we offer this class is to reduce the incidence of alcohol sales to minors and also people who are intoxicated."

Moving forward, servers at bars and restaurants, and convenience store staff must comply with the city's new rules.

"I think that overall, if more servers and bar staff and restaurant staff were more in tune and on the same page, we'll have less of these violations."

"And this training gives people information and the skills they need to understand what the law is, what their responsibility is."

There are several summer sessions available for these trainings on site.

There are also online trainings available.

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