After giving his hearing to the job, Bangor police officer to retire after over three decades of service

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A long time Bangor police officer is hanging up his hat after over three decades of service.

Lieutenant Bob Bishop says, "Been around a long time, with the city of Bangor for a long time, had a long career in law enforcement, and I've reached the end."

Officer Bob Bishop's career began with the National Park Service in May of 1978. He then worked in Ellsworth as a police officer for three years before making his way to Bangor where he's spent the past 34.

Lieutenant Bob Bishop says, "You have to throw yourself into the job, within reason. It becomes a passion."

Bishop's passion and specialty is firearms, giving other officers the tools to stay alive, prompting the department to name their indoor firing range Bishop's Alley.

Lieutenant Bob Bishop says, "You pay for that, you pay for it with your hearing, but I knew that going in. I get teased a lot about that."

Officer Bishop says things have changed since he first joined the force including joining the force at all.

He says, "When I came to Bangor, you walked into an auditorium and there were massive testing tables and hundreds of people taking the test. It's much different now. We're lucky to see in a six month period, we might interview 25 or 30 people. I just don't know why it's not clicking with young people right now. It's a great career if you want to make a difference in your area."

After training so many "kids" as Bishop calls them, he wants others to know the joys of serving their community.

He says, "We need good people. I can say that good changes are coming, but like any good change, especially with benefits and pay, it does take time."

And though Bishop says he'll miss his brothers and sisters in blue, "My time in law enforcement in this job is over."

Bishop's last day at the Bangor Police Department is Friday.