Activists Hold Fake Retirement Party for Rep. Bruce Poliquin

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Activists in Bangor held a fake retirement party for Congressman Bruce Poliquin.

The party was hosted by the Maine People’s Alliance.

The event was used as a symbolic protest against the congressman’s votes to cut Medicaid and repeal of healthcare.

“We feel that we need to make noise and let people know here, and in Washington that there are so many vulnerable people in our state who desperately need to be heard, understood, and cared about,” said political activist Victoria Watkins.

Poliquin’s political adviser Brent Littlefield said, “This is just one more attack added to the millions of dollars in attacks that the congressman has faced over the last several years as outside political groups funnel money into Maine to pay people and organizations to create media distractions from his work helping the Maine people.”

Organizers of the party brought a cake, balloons, and signed a “congratulations card.”