Accused murderer admits to killing Hampden woman according to court documents

Published: Jul. 16, 2018 at 4:47 PM EDT
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An accused killer went before a judge Monday in Bangor.

According to newly-released court documents he admitted to police he did it.

55-year-old Philip Clark is charged in the shooting death of his sister-in-law.

He was arrested by state police on Friday.

Monday he faced the charge that he killed Renee Clark.

Just before 1 in the afternoon he entered the courtroom.

He said nothing, letting his attorney speak for him.

Court documents state last week Renee's mother called police from Florida when she couldn't reach her by phone.

Later that day police went to the Kennebec Road apartment building where she and Philip Clark lived.

According to the affidavit police knocked on Philip Clark's window, a short time later he came outside and said he had shot and killed Renee.

He said he emptied one clip of his .45 caliber handgun firing at her, reloaded and continued shooting.

He said she was wounded by the shots and he shot her one last time in the head.

The documents say he tried to clean up the scene and wrapped her body in plastic.

He dropped her cell phone in water and drove her car to the Airport Mall, but left the body in the apartment.

Prosecutors Monday declined to comment to us.

Clark's lawyer, David Bate, told us his client was in good spirits under the circumstances and that the all the facts of the case are yet to be released.

"The judge has made a probable cause determination, that's far from proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that's what trial's for," said Bate. "From what little I have learned about the case from various sources there seems to be a lot more to this case than as set forth in the affidavit. They only need to set forth the bare bones. But we'll put the meat on that and this will be a much different animal."

The affidavit also state's that a handgun, the same make as what Clark said he used in the shooting, was found in his apartment and collected as evidence.

He's being held without bail on these charges.

Another twist in this story, last week a judge issued a warrant for Philip Clark, because he failed to appear in court for violating a criminal trespass order.

According to a court clerk he tried to illegally enter Renee's apartment exactly one month ago.