Acadia National Park still open with guidelines during government shutdown

Published: Jan. 18, 2019 at 4:22 PM EST
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During the government shutdown, Acadia National Park is still open but it's important to know some things if you plan on visiting.

All visitor information and facilities are closed so make sure to bring along a map and carry out your trash.

There's a small crew of rangers, so response time will be longer than normal in an emergency.

Visitors cannot park in front of any locked gates in case an emergency crew needs to get through.

"There's just a handful of law enforcement rangers that are on duty and so we want to be really respectful of them and really try to minimize the impact and burden on those folks who are now running the park. So, definitely come prepared. Warm clothes, something to carry your trash out with. A map, a flashlight, a cell phone. Do your homework ahead of time and once you are out there don't take risks because we don't want to have a rescue with such a thin crew."

To find out more about the park during the shutdown go to