ALL GROWN UP: Oakland Furniture Kids reconnect

Published: Jun. 20, 2020 at 2:51 PM EDT
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Luke Bartlett known as "LB", Justin Richard, Derek Caron, and Jacey Richard are known as the Oakland Furniture Kids.

They look much different now than did nearly 20 years ago.

From a very young age, the four grew up starring in numerous Oakland Furniture commercials.

Justin says, "To date still someone I will run into and they'll have a memory of it and be like oh you are that kid that was on tv for Oakland Furniture."

Today 3 out of 4 kids reconnected at the store for a goodbye celebration for LB who is headed to be a surgeon in New York.

Alan Breton says, "I've done plenty of takes, sometimes it's 3 or 4 or 5 of them and his take was perfect the first time. Pulling his glasses off at the right time. He's really a star. I think any other kid would want to come and work for Oakland Furniture if they are going to move on like most of them did."

The kids say while they don't remember everything they have some memories that will last a lifetime.

Luke says, "I just remember going to the Early Bird and all the older women would recognize me and I would sign autographs."

Jacey says, "I remember the day that I was wearing white tennis sneakers and my uncle threw them in the mud and I was terrified my mom was going to be mad at me."

Derek says, "I remember going told that my voice wasn't deep enough so someone had to talk over the commercial for me. That was pretty funny."

Actually been a big part of my business. Done a lot of business for me without them even knowing and I would certainly like to thank them and appreciate everything they have done.