A local store is helping keep birthdays alive during pandemic

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 7:17 PM EDT
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Having a birthday during a pandemic is not something one typically prepares for.

Some parents are struggling financially and coronavirus regulations won't allow gatherings for a party.

Monette Dibden has a solution.

She owns a small shop in Hallowell called Vignettes Artisan Crafts and Gifts.

Dibden graciously offered to help parents in need get a birthday gift for their children.

She virtually shows parents around the shop and lets them pick the present.

Dibden says, "I think everybody is going through some sort of a crunch if they're not financially struggling then they are struggling emotionally. There is so much stress out there. It just seems to be that if everybody just tries to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be then that's going to rub off and we're all going to get through this a little bit better."

After Dibden made her post on Facebook she actually had people donate $200 to help folks purchase the gifts.

She's fulfilled 12 birthday orders so far for parents and plans to do as many as she can to help.

To learn more you can visit Vignettes on Facebook.

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