Windham man will spend 40 years behind bars for the killing of his wife

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 9:07 PM EDT
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The spokesman for the Attorney General confirmed Noah Gaston was sentenced to 40 years on Friday for the killing of his wife Alicia Gaston back in 2016.

Gaston was found guilty of murder back in November.

During the trial, an expert witness for the state testified the victim was close to Noah Gaston when she was shot. The witness said a black mark on Alicia Gaston's ring finger was soot expelled from the shotgun, meaning her hand was no more than 18 inches from the barrel.

A defense witness reached a different conclusion, contending Alicia Gaston was farther away, 1 to 2 yards, when she was shot.

Prosecutors said Gaston should've noticed his wife was not in the bed and that she would've been close enough for him to recognize her. Family members also testified that the couple had been fighting in the days before the shooting.

The defense argued Noah Gaston had heard a voice and "walkie-talkie" sounds indicating there was an intruder in his home before grabbing the shotgun.

Jurors who deliberated over portions of three days had the option of convicting him of murder or manslaughter, or neither.

Gaston originally faced 25 years to life in prison before he was sentenced on Friday.