A School In Millinocket Gets A Nice Surprise From Two Organizations

MILLINOCKET, Maine (WABI) - Eric Bloom, spokesperson of Hannaford said, "Education is really the basis of community and we also understand that food is so important to both making sure children are focused on their school day and also food is really part of making family connections."

On Thursday morning, students at Granite Street School in Millinocket got a big surprise.

Hannaford and Uncle Ben's donated 2,500 dollars each to the elementary school in hopes students will make connections in the kitchen.

Paul Read with Uncle Ben’s said, "It's essential because one, they have a better relationship with their families, their moms and dads, as well as the fact that they are eating better and healthier which leads to better and healthier nutrition.”

Assistant Principal Debbie Levesque could not believe it when she heard the news.

Levesque said “I was thrilled to think we were getting 2,500 dollars and then when we got the matching funds from Hannaford, it was like wow, this is 5,000 we could use here in our little school."

The donation comes at a time when Leveque says resources are limited.

Levesque said, “Our school has a high number of free and reduced lunch students and our town budget is usually pretty limited. We are looking at the money as a way to improve some things and provide some extra opportunity for our students."

The school has not yet officially decided how to use the money, but they have an idea in mind.

Levesque added,"Students cooking together, maybe by grade level to provide some opportunity to increase awareness about healthy meals."