A Pittsfield Man Shows His Appreciation For Veterans

PITTSFIELD, Maine (WABI) Stan, a barber said, "All the fellas that come in here now I’m proud of them, and i thank them for their service. I was proud of Mike coming in and asking me to do it."

It was an idea that was sparked through a friend in New Hampshire.

"Michael Lynch, a business man said,I thought what a wonderful idea, we ought to bring it back to Pittsfield."

Michael Lynch gave veterans a chance to have a free service at a local business.

Lynch said, "I’m here to say thank you. The veterans have worked so hard for us. We live in a better place because of them. We've had veterans from the last 70 years that have been here today."

Lynch sponsored free haircuts for veterans at Stan’s barber shop in Pittsfield.

He says the haircuts are a small gesture that has a bigger picture. "For the last 198 years, this community has sent a lot of our brave men and women into the armed services and the easiest way to say thank you is to do a little something."

And for Mark Brooks, he says it's more than just a haircut. "Looks like we've had WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, so we've covered a lot of the veteran bases. It's not just the haircut, it's the gesture behind the haircut. "

And for WWII Veteran Bud Jones, he loves the idea. "He gives a good haircut and the price was right."

If there is two words that mean a whole lot, it's thank you.

Lynch said,"We give all our veterans a big loud thank you.”