80th Anniversary of Brady Gang Shooting

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) 80 years ago today, the infamous Brady Gang was shot and killed by federal agents in Bangor. Today, folks met for a reenactment of the last breakfast of the gang. Afterwards, they stepped outside to the shootout location on Central Street to release balloons and mark the occasion. Event organizers say the event brings the community a sense of pride.

“If you were from Bangor, this is an event,” said Gerry Palmer. “This is big for our community. It struck a nerve. Everybody that grew up in Bangor, they heard this story from when they were babies at the table. It was a big event from a time where there wasn't a lot of news and it stuck and we're very proud that we ended the Brady Gang. Public enemy number one, no problem. They're gone.”

After releasing balloons, the group traveled to Al Brady’s grave at Mount Hope cemetery to declare that crime does not pay.