Veteran monuments in Fort Kent get some much needed care

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FORT KENT, Maine (WABI) - Veteran monuments around Fort Kent got some much needed cleaning over the weekend.

Volunteers scrubbed away dirt and grime from the veteran monuments in Fort Kent.

Leroy McKenzie is the district 17 American Legion vice commander and president of Students Veterans of America at UMFK.

He says that he thought this would be a great way to bring the community, legion, and student veterans all together.

"It was really in need of cleaning. There was some dirt and debris on them and you know it just brings pride to our veteran community to have this being done. It shows a sense of not only responsibility as veterans but it also shows a sense of unity in the community and right now, unity is huge," said McKenzie.

Ed Endee is the fire chief for Fort Kent Fire Department and was thrilled when McKenzie contacted him about using a fire engine for a water supply.

"There wasn't one readily available here because of the way the streets are configured so we were very proud and couldn't wait to help out. It's one of the things we like to do in the community is help out and this was right up our alley," said Endee.

Mckenzie says he was happy to see the turnout of people there.

"Definitely reassuring to the morals and values that I was raised on in this community itself. It's nice to see people that I've known for a lot of my life and others that I've just recently met or just came into acquaintance with come together and do this."