53th Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festival brings music to Litchfield

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LITCHFIELD, Maine (WMTW)- Music, memories, and fun.

That's what this weekend in Litchfield has been focused on for the 53rd Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festival.

People of all ages camp on-site come for a day all to enjoy bluegrass music and this special atmosphere.

For this community, they say it feels more like a homecoming each year.

"When you walk through that gate you feel like part of the family, and that's what we want,” says Sandy Cormier, the festival promoter. “We want you to go home and have great memories, and come back the following year. But enjoy your time and really get the full effect of the whole thing."

Bands from across the country and Canada played the festival this year, singing many fan favorites.

If you missed it this summer, there will be two opportunities to enjoy the music and fun next year.