Day 3 of John Williams trial focuses on manhunt, arrest, evidence

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PORTLAND, Maine (WABI) Today jurors heard testimony from members of the search team that found John Williams, the Madison man accused of killing Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Eugene Cole.

Wardens testified about the three day manhunt that took place before Williams was captured.

They say wood smoke and loud banging led them to the cabin where Williams was found walking outside.

One of the officers testified hit Williams while apprehending him.

The jury was shown an photo showing that officer holding up Williams's head.

A scientist testified shell casings found at the scene where Cole was shot and the cabin where Williams was arrested matched the gun recovered by police.

She said lead residue found on Cole's collar indicated the gun was fired at close range.

Jurors also heard the recorded interview police conducted with Williams in the hours after his arrest.

In the recording Williams describes the shooting -- claiming at points that he was defending himself -- which was met with resistance by investigators.

Williams can be heard saying, quote: "Didn't plan on it. Didn't mean to fire, it just happened instinctively" adding that "it all happened so quickly."

The defense concedes he pulled the trigger, but hope to show he did not know what he was doing at the time.