Mother delivers donated socks in honor of late son

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Throughout the year we've been following a mother on a mission.

She's been honoring her son's memory with something simple he loved: socks.

Kevin Trudeau battled lymphoma for six years before passing away. He was 31.

Marlene Cullity remembered how much her son loved getting new socks for his birthday and Christmas.

She started a collection called Socks from Kevin, with the goal of handing out a thousand pairs to local shelters in time for Christmas.

But, she blew past that number, collecting nearly 3,600 socks.

Tuesday, she brought 600 pairs to the Bangor Area Homeless shelter.

"The folks who are using these socks come from the community. They're people's brothers, sisters, neighbors, cousins, and so it's nice that we have community members and community organizations like this to step up and donate socks," says Boyd Kronholm, Bangor Area Homeless Shelter Executive Director.

"It makes my heart feel good. I think that this, as far as the grieving process, has done an amazing thing for me. Absolutely amazing to come home and have bags and boxes from people you don't even know of socks and the caring and how wonderful people can be," says Cullity.

She'll be handing out more socks to local shelters.

She hopes to make this an annual event.

If you'd like to donate or track where the socks are going head to the Socks for Kevin Facebook page.