George Hale's Perspective On Sports

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Last week in this time slot I attempted to predict the winners of the NFL divisional games plus the conference finals and the Super Bowl.

Well give me an "A" for effort but sadly my report card wasn't nearly as perfect as planned.

As I suggested the dog might eat my homework.

Fido didn't eat it all, but certainly took a big chunk out of it.

I certainly wasn't sold on the Eagles, but one more time Atlanta proved to be less than many fans thought and Philadelphia won 15-10.

Mark that up as a GH loss i did say that New England would easily beat the Titans which they did in convincing fashion by a score of 35-14 in a laugher.

So my report card is 1-1 now here is where it got dicey.

I was not alone in saying Pittsburgh would knock off the Jaguars as the smart money was on the Steelers.

Maybe not so smart after all.

Jacksonville rolls 45-42 and turns the terrible towels into crying

Hey I'm down 1-2 so here come the Minnesota Vikings to my rescue.

Right on cue a hail mary, plus a horrible defensive play and New Orleans dies a horrible death.

I'm sure there was a lot of drinking in the big easy last Sunday.

The Vikings win 29-24 and now i'm 2 and 2.

Since I've already made my predictions for this week in advance i will simply have to make a few adjustments, right?

Last week I picked New England to win by ten over Pittsburgh in the conference final.

Only now its going to be Jacksonville.

Has anything made me change my mind.

In a word no.

In the AFC final the Jaguars still have to go through Gillette Stadium where playoff teams come to die.

I'm not sure it will be David vs Goliath but its going to be a giant step to get to their first super bowl in franchise history against a team trying do make it for the third time in four years.

A very huge mountain New England will win the game 30-20.

Moving on to the NFC final it seems almost predestined that the Vikings, with some kind of help from above will be the first NFL team in league history to play for the Lombardi trophy in their home stadium.

But first a trip to one of the craziest fan stadiums in the NFL Philadelphia will come first.

Both have good if not great defenses but quarterbacks who started the
season on the sidelines.

I'm not changing.

It will be the Vikings pulling the feathers out of the Eagles wings 27-20.

I took my lumps last week.

I just hope that darn dog isn't hungry this weekend

This is George Hale with my perspective on sports