Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes During Sub-Zero Temps

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WATERVILLE, Maine. (WABI) As nights dip into sub-zero temperatures, homeowners are reminded to check for drafts to avoid frozen pipes.

Houle's Plumbing in Waterville has a few other tips for folks to avoid costly repairs.

Opening closet doors with exposed piping inside is recommended, so is leaving cupboard doors under sinks open to let heat in.

Any cracks or holes found in exterior or interior walls should be properly insulated.

And you're advised not to drop the thermostat when sleeping.

"At night time people like to turn their thermostats back but during this time of year when you turn it back 5-10 degrees, your pipes could freeze on the outside walls. So this time of year when it's below zero and the wind's blowing, set it and leave it alone," said Randy Maroon, Service Manager at Houle's.

If you're worried a pipe will freeze, you can also let the sink drip slightly to relieve pressure in the system.