Stephen King Surprises Fans at Advanced Screening of "It"

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BANGOR, Maine Stephen King surprised moviegoers Wednesday night at Bangor Mall Cinemas for the exclusive premiere of 'It'.

King's classic rock and roll station WKIT gave away 200 tickets to an advanced screening of the horror flick.

The book and film take place in the fictional Derry, Maine- a place King himself has described as Bangor.

He introduced the film to a packed theater before joining them in watching the highly-anticipated adaptation.

"I want to thank you for coming out on a rainy night- the perfect night for a scary story, so let's get to it," said King.

"New York is the only other place that they've premiered 'It' on Monday and then us, and then the public on Thursday. Especially with the 'It' book, it really takes place a lot in Derry, which is Bangor. So that is why everybody's flocking here so excited about Bangor and seeing 'It.' I've heard of people coming from out of state just to come to Bangor to watch the movie," said Jen Hansen, Promotions Director for WKIT.

'It' opens nationwide in theaters on Friday, with preview screenings happening Thursday night.