40 years later, couple buys back their beloved classic car

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 4:42 PM EST
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"It's been just about 40 years." Stu Tinker said as he waited in an empty spot in his garage. That was the last time he and his wife Penny saw their beloved 1950 Bentley Mark VI. Despite the memories it held, they needed the money at the time and had to sell it.

"We stood in the driveway and cried." said Penny. "This has always been the car that...the one that got away, you know?"

The new owner used the car for parades and car shows, but it was last seen in public in 2008.

"When the gentleman that we sold it to passed away, it was put in the barn and just kinda left there."

Penny waited anxiously with Stu in their driveway. "This is the only car that I was ever really attached to." she said.

As the car was delivered, their faces lit up.

Stu inspected the long lost car. "Oh yeah, it hasn't changed! I can see a bit of rust here and there."

"Really, isn't it gorgeous?" said Penny. "We're just really excited to get it back."

They took a moment to recreate an old photo of their son with the car and reminisced about its past.

"When we bought it, we bought it out of England. We bought it sight unseen and had it shipped into Baltimore. Flew down with a friend and drove it back up."

The couple own several unique cars but have a soft spot for this one.

"This is the one. This is the one, and I really can't explain why." said Stu.

They plan to do some repairs and get it back on the road when the weather warms up.

"If we go to a car show, they always have signs 'do not touch.' We open the door and let kids get in, have people sit in it. That's the fun of having the car!"

So keep an eye out this spring as you may see it on the road again.