39th Annual “January Thaw Road Race” Draws Runners To Belgrade

Published: Jan. 21, 2018 at 7:17 PM EST
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Folks laced up their running shoes and pounded the pavement for the 39th annual January Thaw Road Race in Belgrade.

"Gene Roy came up with the idea. He decided that we need a race in this area. It was a perfect four and a half mile course. We started it right here at the Belgrade School, and we've done it every year since then." Said the race director Ron Paquette.

Gabby Schreffler, who came in first place for the women’s race, had this to say, "It's just a great way to get outside, and I used to be a rower, and this is kind of like my competitive outlet, but also to meet really awesome people in different places."

"I heard it was a good course with some hills, and fairly neutral overall. It's called the January thaw, and we actually did get the January thaw today. So, great time to actually come out run a singlet, and you know, just a terrific chance to get out, and run hard." Explained Matt Sawyer.

"It was my second race of the year, and it was great to see Matt here. He is actually a teammate of mine with the Dirigo club. They do a great job here putting this race on. So, I try to get out here each year if I can." Said Jeff Jones, who came in first place for the men’s race.

Gabby Schreffler went on to say, "I really love those close knit local races, and I'm from Bethel so this is not that far of a trip for me, and you just get to see the other local communities in Maine, which is really great to see. If you live in Maine then you're used to New England hills, and this is not bad compared to that. So, it was nice and rolling, but pretty gentle."

"Anybody can get out here and run, and I wouldn't wanna put any limitations on anybody who wants to run. So, just need to gauge your effort accordingly." Jeff Jones explained.