300 Christmas trees shipped out to troops and their families

NEWBURGH, Maine (WABI) - A little bit of Maine is on the way to members of the military around the world.

300 Christmas trees were shipped out this morning from Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Newburgh as part of the Trees for Troops program.

Veterans representing nearly every branch of the military were on hand to help load the truck.

This shipment is destined for a military base in South Carolina, and the trees will be distributed from there.

Mac McCullen, owner of Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm, says he remembers what it felt like to see a Christmas tree when deployed.

"Lights...decorations underneath...and that smell hits you. And just like a good song takes you back to the first place you heard it, so does a Christmas tree. It takes you home no matter where you are in the world. I get a little emotional because it's really special to be able to do that for the guys that are forward deployed right now."

Nationally, Trees for Troops delivers almost 18-thousand trees to military families and service members.