UPDATE: 3 firefighters injured in Farmington explosion in critical condition, hospital says

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PORTLAND, Maine (WMTW) - The six people most seriously injured in Monday's explosion in Farmington are being treated at hospitals in Portland and Boston.

Capt. Michael Bell, a 30-year veteran of the Farmington Fire Department was killed in the explosion.

The six most seriously injured are Fire Chief Terry Bell, 62, who is the brother of Michael Bell; Capt. Timothy D. Hardy, 40; Capt. Scott Baxter, 37, and his father, firefighter Theodore Baxter, 64; firefighter Joseph Hastings, 24, and Larry Lord, 60.

Lord was the only one injured who was not a firefighter. Officials said he is a maintenance worker at the facility.

The five firefighters are being treated for serious injuries at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Lord was taken to Mass General in Boston where he was in critical condition on Tuesday.

Maine Medical Center said Tuesday that Terry Bell, Scott Baxter, and Theodore Baxter were in critical condition.

Hardy and Hastings were listed in fair condition early Tuesday however, the hospital upgraded them to satisfactory condition, Tuesday night.

Deputy Fire Chief Clyde Ross, the seventh person injured, was treated and released from Franklin Memorial Hospital.