24 immigrants sworn in as United States citizens in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Two dozen immigrants from 18 countries were sworn in as United States citizens Friday in Bangor.

"This is a momentous event for not only you, but for your children, your children's children, and for generations to come. Savor this moment, remember this moment, but perhaps record this moment, which some of your family members are doing right now."

The United States has 24 new residents from over a dozen countries.

The group was sworn in Friday as United States citizens inside a federal courtroom in Bangor during a naturalization ceremony.

Andreas Kardakaris came to the U.S. from an island in Greece.

He and his family own and operate Angelo's Pizzeria in Old Town.

He says he has been waiting for this day for eight years.

"I feel great because, you know, I feel like I can do more now, and I am very happy," said new citizen, Andreas Kardakaris.

And his family and friends are happy, too.

"I just think it is a wonderful opportunity for us to have him in the country, as well as an opportunity for him to come here," said Andreas friend, Andrea Lucien. "I welcome immigrants to this country. They bring so much with their culture to us. We are very privileged to have them. What a boring world it would be without them."

As the new citizens took the oath and reviewed their certificates, their families proudly looked on.

As a new American, Andreas has a few words of inspiration for those going through the process themselves.

"To be patient, first of all, because it is a long process," said Kardakaris.