19-Year Old Makes Court Appearance for Threatening Ellsworth High School

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ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) - 19-year old Michael Allen of Ellsworth is facing charges after police say he made threatening posts on a mobile gaming app.

“In our most recent case here in Ellsworth, we were able to apply the law of terrorizing to the incident for simple making a threat and the threat of bodily harm to an individual or you make the threat about another individual to someone, a third party,” said Police Chief Glenn Moshier.

On top of the terrorizing charge, Allen also faces a charge of violating conditions of release. The Hancock County District Attorney’s Office says they believe Allen had serious intentions to cause harm to people at Ellsworth High School.

“It was Mister Allen's express intention to become the most notorious school shooter in American history by exceeding the number of people killed recently in Florida,” explained Deputy District Attorney Toff Toffolon during the hearing. “He told the police, ‘I didn't expect you to catch on to this so fast, I'm surprised you know about this already, I thought I had more time.’”

The gaming company alerted F-B-I to Allen’s comments. They then alerted the Ellsworth Police Department who wasted no time in making an arrest. Allen is being held without bail.

“It can't be something that we just ignore obviously because of incidents like the most recent incident in Florida,” said Moshier.

This is the second internet threat the Ellsworth Police Department has investigated in recent months. The first one back in December was not credible, but the chief says any and all threats against the school are taken incredibly seriously.

“I think it's vital important that we prosecute these violations to the full extent and that we send a clear message that these type of copycat threats or even non-copycat, just threats alone of violence to our schools are going to be unacceptable.”