Winthrop High School hosts candlelit vigil one-week after Lewiston mass shooting

Published: Nov. 1, 2023 at 11:04 PM EDT
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WINTHROP, Maine (WABI) - Wednesday night officially marked the one-week anniversary of the tragic events in Lewiston that forever changed the state of Maine.

At Winthrop High School members of the community came together for a candlelit vigil to remember the lives lost.

“It’s okay, It’s even normal to say, you know I feel anxious. Or I feel tired or I feel sad, or I feel down or I feel afraid, or I feel angry. Or maybe you feel a little bit of all of those things. Those emotions are real and a natural reaction to the tragedy and the sorrow that is in front of us this week,” said Travis Armstrong a pastor at Hope Baptist Church.

This community has endured a great deal in the last week.

Three of their own were among the 18 who lost their lives in the shooting.

In the aftermath of the unthinkable they’ve come together to support each other with love and compassion.

“I just think it’s fantastic that that people can come together in times like this. It’s cold out. No one wants to be standing out in the freezing cold. But it was pretty evident that there was a lot of love being passed around. And that just essentially, the community was doing what it’s supposed to do in times like this and coming together,” said Winthrop resident Shane Taylor.