Waterville author writes mystery ‘Simmering, Savory and Deadly’

Published: Oct. 19, 2023 at 5:30 PM EDT
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“When four women in their sixties have had enough of the snow and ice, they head to Saint Martin to thaw out. The Ahern sisters, Vidalia and Olive, search for new soups for the restaurant back home while cooking up stories from what they see, hear, and imagine. A performer dies during a performance, and the sisters are simmering with facts, adding speculation, and having fun. As the four devour their island adventures, they find themselves in the soup with the local authorities. From their different perspectives and with their respective skill sets, can these four ladle out a solution to this mystery before heading home?” - “Simmering, Savory and Deadly” summary

Jody Rich is the author of “Simmering, Savory and Deadly.”

Rich lives in Waterville, Maine, with her wife, Rosemary, and their cat, Lexus.

Her writings have appeared in multiple Maine publications.

She uses her many adventures to craft fiction that include memoir moments

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