Brooksville restaurant getting national attention

Tinder Hearth made the New York Times’ 2023 Restaurant List
Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 8:32 AM EDT
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BROOKSVILLE, Maine (WABI) - A local restaurant is getting national recognition.

Tinder Hearth was named “the 50 places in the United States that we’re most excited about right now” by the New York Times.

The farm like restaurant started as a bakery in 2007 but has grown to now serve a variety of items.

A majority of the food is made from locally grown ingredients either from the establishment’s back yard or from farms all around the area.

Owners Tim Seler and Lydia Moffet say what makes it special isn’t just the food, it’s the community.

“We really got into the idea of bringing people here together. One of the things that can sometimes be missing up here in Maine is just the feeling of running into people in an unplanned way.”

Robin Sayre is a regular customer at the establishment.

“I usually bring friends and we have all kinds of guests all summer long as you might imagine living here. We’ve introducd so many different people to this place. We’ve had impromptu birthday parties, all kinds of wonderful things. So, its a great resource to be able to share with everybody and introduce them to,” said Sayre.

While Tinder Hearth’s peak season is coming to a close, you can still go in during the winter to enjoy their Saturday brunch.