Maine Association of Realtors kick off Community Action Days with Veazie clean-up

Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 5:08 PM EDT
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VEAZIE, Maine (WABI) - Maine Association of Realtors is going out and picking up around the community.

“This is part of our statewide effort to let people know that community is our brand - and we say that with an R for realtor,” says Carmen McPhail, President of Maine Association of Realtors. “Once or twice a year, we like to get together as realtors and show the community that we’re here and we’re not just here to list and sell homes, but to improve our communities.”

Partnered with Penquis, Maine Association of Realtors visited Veazie Village Senior Living Facility Tuesday to rake, cut, and clean up invasive bamboo and residents’ garden.

The association’s Veazie visit marks the first of three Community Action Days. The next scheduled event is on Oct. 2 in Rockland for Habitat for Humanity, and an event in Lewiston on Oct. 17 as part of their community improvement program.

Realtors may be known for selling property, but McPhail wants to make sure the communities they serve feel equally supported.

“We need our community to understand us as realtors. We are part of these communities, we live here, we work here, we play here. And so, when people are in need, realtors get together and help,” McPhail states.

Margaret Colman has lived in the Veazie Senior Village for six years. She says annual cleanups of the area are critical to keep the invasive bamboo at bay.

“We’re all old! We can’t get out there and do as much as we used to. So, this is very appreciated,” says Colman of the association’s efforts.